80+1: Arrorró

This project was part of Ars Electronica’s ambitious 80+1 project. It formed part of the Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture Year, and was sponsored by Voestalpina and Linz 09.

Details about 80+1 project
80+1 website

Artist: Gabriela Golder [Argentina]
Realization: Gabriela Golder, Escuela de Comunicación Multimedial de la Universidad Maimónides [Argentina]
Production and collaboration: Abel Casanelli, Violeta Gau, José Allona, Violeta Cassanelli, Alejandra Marinaro, María Fernanda Amenta, Facundo Colantonio, Valeria Evdemón, Pablo Martín Fernández, Guido Gardini, Guido Cerato [Argentina], Ars Electronica [Austria]
Topic: Cultural Diversity
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Website: http://www.arrorrolullabies.com.ar/

Arrorró is a project about cultural diversity that attempts to create a technological bridge between different realities. Two cities will be connected in real time to share cradle songs, lullabies, and even songs to sleep and wake up to. It contains rhythms and sounds that can be understood across languages, barriers, and distances. The goal is for hundreds of people to share dreams, traditions, and languages through lullabies. Arrorró aims to couple emotion with technology, thereby creating a natural space to represent diversity.

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