AV Rental

We have an extensive range of AV equipment for hire in three locations around the world. This is only used on our own jobs and is maintained in prime condition. We have hundreds of screens from 60 inch to 17 inch available, mostly full HD as well as a range of DLP and LCD projectors from Christie and NEC. Seamless HD screen walls and touchscreens and touch overlays are also stock items.  more

Computer Rental

We have several hundred rackmount and desktop machines available for rental of all types. We are equally at home supplying Microsoft products, or Open Source Linux and BSD servers and desktops. Our hardware is based on HP and Fujitsu. We also have iMac machines.  more

Immersive Experience – 3D projection, haptic interfaces

We have experience in 3D projection and are currently involved in an HD 3D shoot of world city panoramas. Our back catalogue of media art and interactive works is extensive. We have developed our own version of Google Earth which displays in 3D and our own soft-edging software.

New Media Art

Production Science is a regular attender of worldwide conferences on new media and its uses, having been a keen observer of the inception of the medium. We regularly work with institutions who promote the genre such as Ars Electronica and Land Design and we have worked with the world’s leading new media artists on projects of all sizes.

Fine Art

We are pleased to have worked with a variety of fine artists to help them realise and tour their concepts

Content and software

We offer a consultancy and support service for software projects involving technologies of all types. In particular we have experience with barcodes, QR codes and RFID readers as well interfaces of many types. We offer green screen background subtraction hardware and experience in visible and IR lighting for synthetic vision systems.

Networking and Comms links

One of our main areas of experience is in providing large wired and wireless networks. Our business has been built in part on rapid deployment (< 1 week from scratch) of temporary networks for several thousand users. In addition to 22 years of experience of conference and event work for customers such as Cable & Wireless, Microsoft, HP, HTC and Symantec we also provided the entire IP network for the UK hosting of the G8 world summit in 2005 and media centre for London Olympic test events. We also have experience in worldwide links, having planned and deployed a number of 15-20 site linkups around the globe. We have an extensive rental stock of networking equipment, cabling and preterminated fibre optic cable, with equipment in London, Dubai, & Nagoya. We also offer temporary WiMax connectivity within London zones 1 & 2 from stock.  more

Power Distribution

We are now one of the largest providers of mains distribution equipment for the event industry in the world. We have extensive equipment stockholdings in the UK Middle East and Asia with a range of connectors from most countries available. As well as distribution and cabling of all types we stock transformers that will step up or down to/from USA and Japanese voltages, auto transformers. We also stock a range of UPS units and monitoring and management software.

Sporting Overlay

Over the past few years we have gained signifciant experience in the field of providing overlay for sporting events. In addition to providing power distribution we also offer consultancy for field of play technology and field of play lighting and backup. We also ofer a full range of broadcast compound services.


Production Science has it’s original roots in a lighting company that diversified into technology, Midnight Design ltd. We still retain a healthy interest in lighting and keep rental stock of specialist lighting equipment and control gear.

Satellite, TV antennae and TV downlinks

We have the experience and the necessary test equipment to install and deploy digital and analogue satellite and television downlinks, CATV and MATV systems for live events of all sizes. Our links provided the feeds for Hyde Park Live 8 giant screens and Channel 4 cricket in various public parks as well as countless years of local screens for the Boat Race, London Marathon, FIFA tournaments and similar events. We have also recently installed tv and cable decoders in 14 major airports worldwide, a major project that used virtually every type of world tv system and delivery method. We have experience in providing power and network services to media centres and broadcast compounds for major projects.


We have significant experience in mediacasting and webcasting dating back to the inception of the medium, providing infrastructure for webcasts as well as local deployments of multicast video. We have been a Microsoft Windows Media partner since 2004.

Mobile Devices

As part of our work with Microsoft, Orange and du we have considerable experience in mobile devices, LTE/3G/2G/EDGE datacomms and network provisioning for live events.