Wireless connectivity

Production Science were involved at the inception of wireless networking technologies. Brought in by Microsoft to manage commercial sponsorship by Proxim, we were thrown in the deep end of a 200 access point deployment at a time when no one had ever done a job of that size, let alone installed it in a week to serve several thousand power users and journalists.

The biggest challenge for wireless deployments is monitoring and finding rogue users that cause service disruption. In addition to deploying expensive test and tracking equipment, we have also written software that tracks users, packets and event logs in order to find and fix problems in real time.

We also have significant experience in the installation and operation of WiMax 802.16 links. We have used these to provide robust connections to temporary media centres for a number of clients on outdoor events. We can offer up to 10Mb symmetrical connections within London (LU Zones 1 & 2) and up to 30Mb in urban Barcelona thanks to existing relationships with suppliers and our own equipment.