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Qasr-Al_Hosn Festival

The Qasr-Al_Hosn cultural festival in Abu Dhabi had specific technical requirements for the delivery of their story to visitors. Guests used a mobile application on their phone to scan QR codes located on a trail of culturally significant objects in the grounds of the fort in Abu Dhabi. The QR codes were produced by unusual means such as wood carving and weaving the codes into traditional carpets. Production Science devised a content delivery system that served the content without reliance on the site internet connection, whilst allowing users to click through to social networks to discuss the significance of the objects and promote the exhibition.  This system worked for 3G and wifi users, as well as being available on the internet for off-site  browsing.


Another year at Mobile World Congress, and we were delighted to be asked back to deliver all of the networking, telecom and technical demo requirements for HTC’s exhibition, hospitality and Press conference.  We delivered a mixture of connectivity, including leased lines and WiMax solutions to the various locations around site. New product demos included in-car entertainment and HDR /Low light photography and of course handsets featuring the latest build of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich.