Beach Soccer Doha

Our principal brief for this project was to ensure the correct lighting levels for the field of play. Lighting is critical for the TV broadcast and stills photographers, but also there are Beach Soccer Association rules to ensure players have an evenly lit, adequately bright field of play without distracting glare.

The lighting was tested in simulation software to predict the lux levels and check the uniformity achievable in the vertical plane (for the camera shots) and in the horizontal plane (for the players benefit and compliance with association rules).

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Daylight HMI type lighting was used to give the correct colour rendering for camera and to achieve the brightness required with the lowest energy level input. Aggreko acoustic canopy generators were used to reduce ambient noise levels for the benefit of broadcast sound, guests and neighbours. Back up is also a significant consideration for live broadcast and we provided additional tungsten lighting for match continuation in the event of generator failure and the generators were formed into failover arrays for reliability.


Actual lux levels achieved were around 5% better than predicted. We also provided site power and lighting.

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