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Doha Film Festival

The Doha Film Festival is a major cultural festival in the Doha calendar.  Previously a franchise of the New York Tribeca Film Festival, the Doha Film Festival is a week long program of screenings, premieres and family entertainment. It also provides a forum for young Qatari film makers.


Production Science provided lighting and power services to the event


Museum of London

Production Science was engaged by Stage One Creative Services Ltd to provide the lighting and associated AV for the exhibition of the London 2012 Cauldron.

Beach Soccer Doha

Our principal brief for this project was to ensure the correct lighting levels for the field of play. Lighting is critical for the TV broadcast and stills photographers, but also there are Beach Soccer Association rules to ensure players have an evenly lit, adequately bright field of play without distracting glare.

The lighting was tested in simulation software to predict the lux levels and check the uniformity achievable in the vertical plane (for the camera shots) and in the horizontal plane (for the players benefit and compliance with association rules).

photo (5)

Daylight HMI type lighting was used to give the correct colour rendering for camera and to achieve the brightness required with the lowest energy level input. Aggreko acoustic canopy generators were used to reduce ambient noise levels for the benefit of broadcast sound, guests and neighbours. Back up is also a significant consideration for live broadcast and we provided additional tungsten lighting for match continuation in the event of generator failure and the generators were formed into failover arrays for reliability.


Actual lux levels achieved were around 5% better than predicted. We also provided site power and lighting.


When Skype had a need for a rock solid connection and Audio Visual support in The Roof Gardens for a very important call, we were pleased to be able to help them.

COP 18

The 18th Council Of Parties in Doha was a world class event requiring our full attention. We were pleased to supply technical services and equipment to both the President’s and GCC pavilions. Our scope included lighting, Audio Visual, show relay, IPTV and power distribution as well as meeting room support technicians. This event was serviced entirely from our Doha depot.

Pan Arab Games 2011

Production Science were proud to be part of the consortium selected to deliver the entire overlay for the 2011 Pan Arab Games. Working with industry giants WRG, Aggreko, Caterpillar, De Boer and Byrne we delivered the entire power solution for the games. Approximately 35MW of power across 22 sites and 11 broadcast compounds was produced from 253 gensets. A further 10MW was delivered for David Atkins Enterprises on 16 Aggreko sets for the opening ceremony. All power planning, power distribution, cabling, lighting and site lighting was by Production Science. 160 tonnes of freight were shipped and flown from Dubai and London by Rockit cargo and handled locally by GAC and Carson Logistics.

Opening Ceremony

World Petroleum Congress 2011

The 20th World Petroleum Congress was recently held in Doha, Qatar and Production Science were contracted by WRG to provide technical services to the opening ceremopny and Arabian Nights gala dinner. For the opening ceremony we provided 2.4MW of power on 3 synchronised Caterpillar gensets to supplement the DEC house supplies, as well as assisting the Lighting Designer, Gary Collins with his requirements for foyer and exterior lighting and sky beams. The Arabian Nights evening required 12 gensets, 3km of festoon lighting and innumerable Arabic lanterns, as well as power supplies to the creations of Adam Basset Lighting Design.