The Global Window

The Global Window was developed for Ars Electronica’s 80+1 project as a focal point for their ’round the world’ daily hookup with a number of live projects. Designed as a multi screen presentation space with a control screen in the hands of a content jockey, the format provided for presentations, two way webcasting, Skype calling, chat, video conferencing, google results and as a collaboration tool to share childrens games between schools around the world. At any one time a mix of these activities were run live with a total of twenty countries.

“Approximately six meters wide and more than two meters tall, these three screens constitute a “window on the world” that will constantly display a live remote hook-up to some spot on Earth. The Global Window facilitates worldwide encounters—those arranged in advance and formally moderated as well as those that come about serendipitously—and also serves as a presentation and discussion interface.”